Artejaol works with best 3d meshes

The models of Artejaol Studios have the best modeling for animation and games.

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Artejaol Studios

Artejaol Studios

Artejaol Studios is a new vision of the 3D world that comes and will come for years to come. 3d modeling directed towards 3d printers and real-time CG animation is our main focus. New technologies are bringing new markets or

Miniature world

Miniature world

The world of miniatures is very extensive, as extensive as your imagination and all of reality itself. All the things you see and all the things that happened in the history of humanity can become collector’s miniatures. In addition to

Digital works

Digital works

A perfect solution for your CG scenes is the implementation of already built 3d models. Unlike scanned models, models made with various levels, that is, a human model plus clothing, objects, etc. allow the possibility of adapting the model to

The Art of Miniatures

The Art of Miniatures

The miniature figures are scale representations of the human figure. They are usually divided into historical figures, fantasy figures and famous people. Painting miniatures is a hobby that has reached a very high level today in many of its facets,

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What our Client says

I wasn’t originally able to print and gave this a negative review. However the designed contacted me and was very helpful resolving my issues and I'm very satisfied with all 5 Templar models

Cdwalter Buyer

Another excellent figure that reduces well to 1/87 scale!

blacksmithn Buyer

Houdini Bust, wow!! this printed very well looks great!! I wish this person would make more magician models. like copperfield,Blackstone,Thurston,Keller. I would buy everyone!!

Seanbogunia Buyer

Artejaol Studios Works

Here you can see the latest works done and where to find them. Some of the projects carried out are models put up for sale on direct sales pages. All work is done through 3d modeling in various softwares of which we have: Blender, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer and photoshop

WWII General Erwin Rommel
Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin
Tutorial: Indian Woman