Legendary monsters and beings from Greek mythology is a book that shows the most impressive beings in Greek mythology in a visual way, with an ancient and modern vision, where the reason for each being and how their physical form would be explained.

The book is fully illustrated by JAOL, it has more than 100 fully illustrated pages accompanied by an explanatory text.

It is a kind of bestiary of Greek mythology where more than 40 mythological beings have been collected in their purest form, as seen by the ancient Greeks.

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Monters and legendary beings from greek mytology

How much do you know about Greek mythology? Regardless of whether your knowledge is broad or scarce, the truth is that the visual information received from antiquity about beings and mythological scenes is not much. Many of the legacies we have are from sculptures, mosaics or vessels found in a deteriorated state, and there are few quality findings that give us more accurate visual information.

On the other hand, the information collected, together with a desire in favor of entertainment and business, has contributed to the distortion of the original forms of those beings, leading to ambiguities and failures as a final result.

A book that you should not miss…


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