Zombies are mythical beings from the most sordid stories mankind has ever known. Its origins date back to prehistoric times, when one of the most terrifying legends would have taken human form. Some thought the man may have forgotten about them, but they should never have had that idea in mind.

The Zombies would have been created by some powerful god, their origin would go back to a time when the earth was young. Once man began to evolve, Zombies were created to be his servants. The man discovered that they were a threat, so he began to fight them.
Don’t tell me that man banished them from the earth.

No, the man looked at her, still surprised by the story he was telling himself. – No, many investigations were carried out on the Zombies, but it was not possible to discover the place where these investigations had been carried out. Therefore, the man decided to trust fate and as they believed, the Zombies would disappear into oblivion.

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Zombies in L.A.

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