Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel was a German military general and strategist. Popularly nicknamed The Desert Fox, he served as field marshal in Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht during World War II.

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Rommel was a highly decorated soldier during World War I and received the prestigious Pour le Mérite medal for his actions on the Italian Front. In 1937 he published his classic book of military tactics, The Infantry Under Attack, based on his experiences during the Great War. In the Second World War he distinguished himself as commander of the 7th Panzer Division during the invasion of France in 1940. His leadership of German and Italian forces during the North African Campaign at the head of the Afrika Korps earned him a great reputation as the most skillful tank commander of the war and the nickname of Wüstenfuchs, Desert Fox. Among his British rivals he also gained fame for his chivalry, which is why the North African campaign is also known as «the war without hatred».1 He later commanded the German forces that confronted the Allies in the Normandy invasion in June 1944.