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  • Fangoria DAHorrorChallenge
    it’s a simple nightmare: giant cockroaches crawling up your body without being able to stop them. See the contest on here: https://www.deviantart.com/artejaol/art/Fangoria-DAHorrorChallenge-Jaol-893914536
  • Capitol assault forces
    You can Buy on GUMROAD Cargando…
  • Knight Templar T1 Pack1
    Description: Knight templar crusader model with weapons (swords, mace, spear…depending of the model)(3d print model). Knight Templar Crusader on a variety of poses. Knight Templar with sword, helmet, belt, shield,
    Black Friday on 2020 (not everything has to be bad news). All 3d Artejaol Studios 3d figures at 50% discount. Buy here miniatures: https://www.cgtrader.com/artejaol https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/jaol https://cubebrush.co/artejaol https://es.3dexport.com/artejaol https://www.artstation.com/jaol/store
  • SpreadShop Opened!
    the merchandising store is open. With the spreadshirt system, we have opened a digital store where Artejaol’s designs are now printed. Visit the store, you may find something that you
  • 50% Discount on artejaol products!
    You will can buy Artejaol models on https://www.cgtrader.com/artejaol for a period of time with a 50% discount. Know that discount days have a limited duration in time.Be aware to discount
  • Pictures for Soldier Packs
    New download section for everyone. Here you can find exclusive designs to print on your ArtejaolStudios soldier packs. The “Miniafigures” are all the packs that will be created with soldiers
  • 2nd Place Winner Contest!!!
    Model made for the Cgboost contest with the result of a second place. The model has taken several days of modeling and design whereby several changes were made until a
  • A room with a view
    As in the book: “a room with a view” the image shows a woman looking out the window, with views that will remain etched on her retina and heart. The

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